Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Check Engine Light Diagnosis | Dr Gizmo's Car Care - Charlotte, MI

Nothing is more disconcerting than knowing that you need a check engine light diagnosis on your automobile. You know that it can indicate a myriad of problems from easy and cheap to difficult and expensive, but you are not sure exactly what it means. When that light comes on in your automobile, roll in to the shop and take advantage of my check engine light diagnosis service. I can quickly tell you if it is a minor problem with a loose gas cap or a more involved issue like a sensor.

About ten percent of the cars that come in to Dr. Gizmo’s Car Care in Charlotte, MI have a lit check engine light, and nearly half of them have been ignored for more than three months. Since the check engine light is part of a system designed to monitor a vehicle’s emission system, it is a bad idea to ignore it. It is probably telling you that your car is running dirty and polluting the air. If it is flashing, it indicates a more serious problem like a misfire that can overheat the catalytic converter and cause a fire.

Whether you need the family minivan to get the kids to school or you use your pickup truck every day at the construction site, you cannot afford to have your vehicle in the shop for a day while someone runs car computer diagnostics. My check engine light service is quick and painless, letting you know right away what the problem is and what it is going to take to fix it.

Don’t harm the environment and your car because you can’t find a quality check engine light diagnosis. Stop by Dr. Gizmo’s Car Care for affordable check engine light diagnostic services, and get back on the road today.

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