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You may think that the most important part of your car is the engine, but at Dr. Gizmo’s Car Care, I will fervently argue that it is the brakes. What good is a car that runs if you cannot stop it?

Furthermore, not taking care of brake issues puts you, your family, and the general motoring public at risk of having a serious accident. We all know that accidents can be fatal. I offer the people of Charlotte, MI affordable brake inspection, repair, and maintenance services, because safety is always the most important aspect of driving.

Most people think that brake service is an expensive, time consuming, and complicated process. In some cases, it can be. If your brakes have worn out and need to be replaced, postponing the job is the worst thing you can possibly do. Not only are brake repair jobs expensive, the longer you drive on worn brakes, the worse the damage becomes.

If you have your brakes inspected early enough, you can usually get the problems resolved with new brake pads. If you wait, you could have damaged rotors and calipers, which are expensive to replace.

It may seem logical to you that your car is not safe if your brakes do not work, but you would be surprised how many people will ignore a simple brake job until the pads are completely worn away and score the rotors. Once this happens, the cost to repair the problems has increased significantly. All brake pads should be replaced as soon as one of them wears to less than 1/8” thickness.

If your brakes are soft, squealing, or slow to respond, stop by Dr. Gizmo’s Car Care to get quality brake inspection and repair services.

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